Who We Are

CONRAD is a cross-functional R&D team with diverse expertise, brought together by a shared passion for our mission, and who together synergize to produce greater global health impact through the development of innovative user-centered technologies. Our game-changing products ultimately fill unmet global health needs and provide research knowledge to support and influence evidence-based decision making by key stakeholders in the field of global health.


Our Goal

Nurturing promising research in institutions worldwide, engaging in integrated preclinical, clinical, and sociobehavioral R&D, partnering with private industry to bring new products onto the market, collaborating with other agencies, foundations, and non-governmental organizations, and training investigators throughout the world in preclinical and clinical research techniques.

With R&D roots in contraceptive drug delivery, CONRAD has grown to encompass expertise in women’s reproductive health, HIV/STI prevention, preclinical and clinical product development, human-centered design and drug delivery systems with an almost 40-year history (since 1986) of success and productivity in these areas. Nested within Eastern Virginia Medical School, we have been and continue to be funded by a variety of public sector, philanthropic, and private sector organizations.

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CONRAD was established in 1986 under a cooperative agreement between Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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