Product Development

Long-acting transdermal drug delivery formulations: Current developments and innovative pharmaceutical approaches. Karve T, Dandekar A, Agrahari V, Melissa Peet M, Banga AK, Doncel GF. 2024 Apr 29.

Single-Administration Long-Acting Microarray Patch with Ultrahigh Loading Capacity and Multiple Releases of Thermally Stable Antibodies. Tran KTM, Le TT, Agrahari V, Peet MM, Ouattara LA, Anderson SM, Le-Kim TH, Singh ON, Doncel GF, Nguyen TD.  2023 May 1.

Acceptability of an intravaginal ring for simultaneously preventing HIV infection and pregnancy: Qualitative findings of the Kisumu Combined Ring Study, 2019. McLellan-Lemal E, Deaton SR, Betts JE, Ondenge K, Mudhune V, O'Connor SM, Nyagol B, Thurman AR, Doncel GF, Allen SA, Heffron R, Mugo NR; Kisumu Combined Ring Study (KCRS) Team. 2022 Sep 23.

Development and Preclinical Investigation of Physically Cross-Linked and pH-Sensitive Polymeric Gels as Potential Vaginal Contraceptives. Rochani A, Agrahari V, Chandra N, Singh ON, McCormick TJ, Doncel GF, Clark MR, Kaushal G. 2022 Apr 23.

Formulation Development for Transdermal Delivery of Raloxifene, a Chemoprophylactic Agent against Breast Cancer. Vora D, Dandekar A, Bhattaccharjee S, Singh ON, Agrahari V, Peet MM, Doncel GF, Banga AK. 2022 Mar 20.

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