Project Horizon

Hydrogel Injectable Depot System for Next-Generation Long-Acting HIV Prevention and Contraception: Project Horizon

The objective of Project Horizon, funded by NIH/NIAID, is to develop preclinically a systemic, long-acting, multipurpose prevention technology (MPT) incorporating both effective contraceptive and HIV prevention agents, while integrating characteristics preferred by target end-users in a US cohort.

Under an initial R61 phase, a first generation long-acting MPT injectable hydrogel depot was developed using dolutegravir, an HIV integrase inhibitor and levonorgestrel, a potent hormonal contraceptive. Under the ongoing R33 phase of Project Horizon, a more clinically relevant depot formulation, designed for co-delivery of levonorgestrel with the clinically proven, integrase inhibitor cabotegravir, has been selected for continued development. Activities supporting this development include:

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