Areas of R&D

CONRAD’s accomplishments expose the pressing need to continue conducting innovative research and development. Our products are designed primarily for women in low-resource settings, and thus a large emphasis is put on safety, effectiveness, affordability, and acceptability/user-friendliness. Innovation and user-centered designs are our hallmark. 

Our Research Priorities
Multipurpose Prevention Technologies
CONRAD is currently developing several combination products providing for multiple indications at once, including contraception and protection against HIV and/or other STIs.
CONRAD has pioneered the regulatory approval of many safe and affordable contraceptive devices, such as the PATH Woman’s Condom, Lea’s Shield, Femcap, and SILCS diaphragm (Caya).
Maternal and Neonatal Health
CONRAD works collaboratively with clinical researchers to investigate innovative diagnostic and therapeutic options to improve maternal and neonatal health outcomes.
Women’s Reproductive Health
Our HCD-focused approaches enfranchise women to exercise control over their own sexual and reproductive health and improve their access to safe, affordable health products.
STI Prevention
Our mission to improve reproductive health globally has led to CONRAD researching and developing novel microbicide delivery systems for the prevention of herpes and other STIs.
HIV Prevention
For almost 40 years, CONRAD has served as a leader in the HIV prevention research field, advancing several cutting-edge compounds to late phase trials, such as the tenofovir gel.
Our areas of Impact

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