Launching V
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Introducing V, an innovative approach to increasing uptake and adherence of PrEP for the young women at high risk of getting infected by HIV. This was co-designed with young women using Human-centered Design and extensive research into what young women really want when it comes to PrEP.

The answer? A PrEP experience that is young, vibrant and most of all empowering.


This site has been designed for program managers to implement V but can be used by individual clinics to get access to materials.

So, what is this site about?

This guide has been created for program implementers of oral PrEP to kick start this new approach. You will find all the materials you need (though some of them will need to be adapted to your country or clinic context), guides on how to use them, and suggestions on how to implement this approach. We’ve provided print-ready files as well as editable design files if you have a graphic designer helping you out.

  • The V experience takes you through the vision of the ideal experience a young woman should have when interacting with V and provides you with a downloadable experience blueprint.

  • Background describes the various phases of the work through the lens of Human-centered Design

  • Research highlights some key research findings.

  • Resourcing covers some high-level implementation considerations and provides general cost estimates.

  • Materials will have all the possible downloadable files for easy access.

We are shifting the industry

Don't Get HIV

Empower Yourself

V is a brand-in-a-box that shifts the industry from a message of “Don’t get HIV” to “Be empowered”—igniting attention in markets saturated with HIV messaging. V has four strategic pillars to increase its efficacy:

Young women gather for information

Country Adaptation

This guide and materials were created based on formative research and were designed in conjunction with young women in South Africa. All materials should be adapted to be relevant to the national or local culture, regulatory/policy guidelines, local laws and other (e.g. language, cultural norms) contexts. We’d recommend testing the various elements in your setting to make sure the work resonates with your population of interest. V can be adapted for the following situations:

  • In a setting where PrEP efforts have already been rolled out: Use V to increase adherence and uptake in existing programs, by either using the entire V approach or selecting aspects of V that would best amp up a program’s performance.

  • In a setting where PrEP efforts haven’t yet been rolled out: Use the look and feel of V, as well as the tone of the brand, to make PrEP launch and awareness campaigns most directly relevant for and exciting to young women. Or, use V to engage private sector partners in oral PrEP’s launch, by incentivizing the private sector to actively engage in PrEP uptake and adherence efforts.

For a full understanding of the insights driving the work, please see here: Research

Young women gather for information