Product Development

Our in-house expertise and research capabilities encompass the entire product development journey, from discovery to post regulatory approval. CONRAD is committed to innovating and developing new product options that are safe, efficacious, stable, and desirable by end-users.

Our product development approach starts with key partnerships, including pharmaceutical companies, to secure access to promising, highly potent antiretroviral drugs, contraceptives and other active agents. We then develop these drugs into innovative, next-generation sexual and reproductive health products that fill critical unmet needs globally. Through a human-centered product design and development process, CONRAD scientists are developing a robust pipeline of HIV prevention products, new contraceptives and multipurpose prevention technologies that are easy to use, responsive to end-users’ needs and provide added value over current prevention options.  In addition, these products are designed to be readily scalable, stable and suitable for developing world distribution.



Product Development Pipeline

Topical Dual-Compartment Inserts For On-Demand HIV and HSV Prevention

Topical dual-compartment inserts are an economical and user-friendly on-demand (event-driven) delivery platform for vaginal or rectal application. In addition to being low-cost and easy to use, inserts are portable and discreet, making them ideal for on-demand use. CONRAD has developed this technology with end-user input, enhancing the design for improved acceptability and intuitive use.

CONRAD’s lead insert product in development combines two potent, proven, and pharmacologically forgiving antiretrovirals – tenofovir alafenamide (TAF) and elvitegravir (EVG). This combination is designed specifically with end-users in mind, supporting a flexible dosing regimen with a wide window of protection.

Multipurpose Prevention Intravaginal Rings (IVRs)

With our collaborators, CONRAD has developed a polyurethane reservoir intravaginal ring (IVR) technology capable of providing controlled release of a diverse range of small-molecule drugs for three months or longer. The IVR can deliver drug combinations from either a single or dual reservoir design, allowing for the delivery of multiple active agents from independently controlled ring segments.

CONRAD’s tenofovir-only and tenofovir/levonorgestrel IVRs are the first-ever multipurpose prevention technology (MPT) IVRs for prevention of HIV, herpes simplex virus (HSV) and unintended pregnancy to be tested clinically.

Other Novel Products in the Development Pipeline

HIV Prevention:

  • Resorbable antiviral implants for 1 year of action
  • Once-weekly transdermal antiviral patch


  • Levonorgestrel-based injectable depot system for 6 months of action

Multipurpose Prevention Technologies for Prevention of HIV and Unintended Pregnancy

  • Intrauterine devices for at least 1 year of action

Maternal and Neonatal Health:

  • Devices for prevention of preterm labor

Exploratory Activities

As the fields of HIV prevention, contraception, multi-purpose prevention and maternal and neonatal health evolve, so do the unmet needs for better, next-generation product development solutions that bring added benefits to the current product options. To this end, we are continually developing novel drug delivery systems and formulation concepts to fill important gaps and better meet the needs of the women and men who need them most.