HPTN 052 Study Shows 96% Reduction in HIV Transmission

May 13, 2011

HIV infected individuals who are treated early with antiretrovirals are 96% less likely to infect their HIV negative partners.  The HPTN 052 study, conducted by the HIV Prevention Trials Network in Africa, Asia and the Americas, was designed to evaluate whether immediate versus delayed use of antiretrovirals in HIV positive individuals would decrease transmission of HIV to their uninfected partners.   This study was the first randomized clinical trial to prove unequivocally that treating HIV infected individuals with antiretrovirals as soon as possible is a prevention tool that can be used, along with other methods, to reduce HIV incidence around the world. 

CONRAD congratulates the study principal investigator, Dr. Mike Cohen, HPTN principal investigator Sten Vermund and their colleagues for this very significant contribution to the field of HIV prevention.  For more information, please click here for the HPTN press release. 

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