CONRAD statement on the loss of Dr. Joep Lange

July 18, 2014

July 18, 2014 -- 298 people were tragically killed in the Malaysian Airlines flight shot down over Ukraine and among those were HIV/AIDS researchers and advocates en route to the International AIDS Society conference in Melbourne, Australia.  CONRAD Scientific and Executive Director Gustavo Doncel, M.D., Ph.D, stated, "Every one of the lives cut short by the crash was a senseless tragedy.  The death of one of the HIV community's lead researchers and advocates, Dr. Joep Lange, is an enormous loss not only to our field, but to anyone who has been affected by HIV.  His work in treatment and prevention made a huge impact on the HIV epidemic and he would have undoubtedly continued to make significant contributions to the field.  It is particularly poignant that this news comes to us on Nelson Mandela day.  Dr. Lang and our other colleagues in the our community who were killed will be mourned deeply, and we send our prayers to their families."

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