Proprietary Products Research and Development (PPRD) Program Scientific Advisory Committee Meeting

January 27, 2010
Arlington, Virginia

The CONRAD Proprietary Products Research and Development (PPRD) Program aims to improve reproductive health in developing countries by reducing HIV/AIDS transmission through the development of new, safe and effective microbicides, by using UC781, tenofovir and other CONRAD proprietary compounds alone or in combination. The specific objectives allow for dual-protection technologies displaying microbicidal and contraceptive properties that expand product acceptability and impact on reproductive health.

PPRD activities include developing safe and effective microbicides using CONRAD proprietary compounds; evaluating and selecting the most promising microbicide candidates; developing delivery systems for microbicide release (both associated with and independent of sexual activity); designing and testing dual-protection technologies with microbicidal and contraceptive/anti-STI properties; and testing the selected microbicides clinically.

The PPRD Scientific Advisory Committee, a group of prominent investigators with expertise in HIV virology, STDs, preclinical testing and research, pharmaceutical science, reproductive biology, obstetrics and gynecology, and microbicides, met on January 27, 2010. The Committee reviewed the progress made to date and provided guidance for future PPRD work.

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