Global Reach

CONRAD’s work in developing new contraceptive products and microbicides includes cutting edge research conducted around the globe.

Preclinical contraceptive and microbicide development, including screening and identification of promising compounds, development of animal models, bioanalytical method development and validation, and product formulation is ongoing by investigators, collaborators and contractors in Australia, Dominican Republic, Germany, Northern Ireland, England, Switzerland, Scotland, Sweden, South Africa and New Zealand.

A Phase II effectiveness trial of the combination of an androgen and a progestin for male contraception was conducted in collaboration with WHO (Switzerland) by investigators in Italy, Germany, Chile, Australia, United Kingdom, Indonesia and India. A final report of this study will be published in 3Q 2015.

CONRAD completed a dose-finding trial of meloxicam as an emergency contraceptive and is exploring the use of a daily dose of meloxicam for the prevention of ovulation in Chile.

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