Global Work on Contraceptive Development

Effective and affordable contraception is a prerequisite for healthy women, families and societies. CONRAD is continuing its leadership in contraceptive development, researching contraceptives for men and women that work locally, systemically or through barriers, function for planned or emergency situations, and work alone or in combination with microbicides.

Preclinical Candidates: CONRAD researchers and investigators around the globe continue to pursue novel male and female contraceptive leads. CONRAD has supported investigators in England and Australia who have conducted in vitro and animal research looking into several promising leads for the development of non-hormonal, reversible male contraceptives that disrupt critical steps in sperm production, maturation or motility. For women, investigators in England, Australia and Sweden have pursued novel hormonal leads while also working to develop new in vitro testing methods. Formulation of levonorgestrel butanoate (LNG-B), a long-acting hormone that could be used by females to prevent pregnancy, has been completed in Switzerland and Germany. LNG-B could also be used in conjunction with an androgen for male contraception.

Male Contraceptives in Clinical Trials: CONRAD and the World Health Organization (WHO) are co-sponsoring a Phase IIb clinical efficacy trial with TU/NET-EN (testosterone undecanoate/norethisterone enanthate) at 10 sites in Australia, Chile, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, and the United Kingdom. The study will be completed in 2012.

Female Contraceptives in Clinical Trials: With support from the Hewlett Foundation, CONRAD completed a dose finding trial in Chile to determine how to best use meloxicam as an emergency contraceptive. This followed initial probing studies in Chile and Jordan verifying that meloxicam prevents ovulation by itself and enhances the effect of levonorgestrel (the currently recommended emergency contraceptive treatment). Another study is ongoing in Chile to determine the effectiveness of a daily dose of meloxicam in preventing ovulation.

Learn more about CONRAD's global efforts on microbicide development here.

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