Scientific Advisory Committee

Program Evaluation and Review of Activities

CONRAD engages in a Monitoring and Evaluation plan meant to measure CONRAD’s progress in the proposed research and development activities.  Successive and parallel stages of evaluation are undertaken, including CONRAD technical monitors’ assessments, periodic meetings of the Preclinical Working Group, Product Development Group, Clinical Team, Directors, and whole staff. Outside oversight will be provided by CONRAD’s Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), a group of prominent investigators with expertise in HIV virology, STDs, preclinical testing and clinical research, pharmaceutical sciences, reproductive biology, obstetrics-gynecology, and microbicides.

The SAC meets at least annually to review the progress made in relation to proposed deliverables and timelines. The mission of the SAC is to:

  • provide overall guidance
  • monitor progress of CONRAD's workplans
  • assist in making critical product development decisions
  • through discussions of the annual report, provide feedback to CONRAD donors with regard to moving key activities forward.
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